Provincial agencies

Beijing operation department
Address: Beijing Chaoyang District, often camp (subway line 6 under the grass northwest of the right side of the mouth next to the Bank of China)     Zip code:100016
phone:13811468865      Contact:Yang Guangwu

Shanghai operation department
Address: No. 466, Beijing East Road, Shanghai           Zip code:200002
phone:021-63231246   13020161153   fax:021-63294266          Contact:Wu Zhiping

Operating in Guangdong Province
Address: Liwan District of Guangzhou City Fangcun Kwai Peng Fengxi 407-2                        Zip code:510180
phone:13697416818  13113958236         Contact:Wei Mingsheng

Operating in Henan Province 
Address: Zhengzhou City, Jinshui District, Feng Road, No. 128, Unit 5, Room 10, West Room 167                  Zip code:450053
phone:13721441518      Contact:Huang Zhitao

Operating in Hebei Province
Address: Shijiazhuang City, 800 West Road, Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Hebei Engineering Survey Corporation       Zip code:050053
phone:0311-83612746   13303030388       Contact:Li Yingjun

Operating department of Jilin Province
Address: No. 24, Unit 4, No. 7440, Satellite Road, Changchun City                Zip code:130012
phone:0431-85304799    13500805150        Contact:Xu Xiaodi 

Operating department of Liaoning Province
Address: No. 1, Unit 1, Building 3, Lane 54, Beiling Street, Huanggu District, Shenyang City    Zip code:110032 
phone:024-86905496     13889802096     QQ:953987487      Contact:Zhao zhengcheng

Operating department of Zhejiang Province
Address: Jianggan District, Hangzhou Fanjia Court District seven units of a door (Day Road, No. 92)       Zip code:310016
phone:0571-86969410    13067783934       Contact:Zhou Guohua

Operating province of Shaanxi province
Address: Room 210, Chang'an University (Nanyuan) Service Company, Xi'an                Zip code:710064
phone:029-85233754     13002969976    QQ:479949789       Contact:Jiang Wagui

Operating department of Gansu Province
Address: Room 102, 22 Wuquan West Road, Lanzhou City                 Zip code:730000
phone:0931-8158320     13609300708    QQ: 305937023       Contact:Liu Fuzhen

Operating department of Jiangsu Province
Address: Room 202, Building 5, Jianning Road, Xiaguan District, Nanjing                 Zip code:210015 
phone:025-58812686     13951810043       Contact:Long Guiyou

Operating department of Anhui Province
Address: No. 339, Mingguang Road, Hefei City, No. -104                      Zip code:230011
phone:0551-4297215    13605516110        Contact:Eagle

Operating department of Hubei Province
Address: Wuchang District, Wuhan City, No. 115 Shouyi Road, the Office of the Civil Affairs Room 2 Room 201                Zip code:430064
phone:027-88070815   13317112802     QQ: 623794270         Contact:Xu Qingming

Operating department of Inner Mongolia
Address: Hohhot East Second Ring Road, a small factory Culun village area 51               Zip code:010000
phone:13214081022   13074748990            Contact:Yang Ziqing

Operating in Hunan Province
Address: Yuhua District, Changsha City, Gaoqiao Xintang ridge district 98 units 1 unit 3 floor        Zip code:410007
phone:0731-85510915  18973136158  13975882032     QQ: 715627497       Contact:Tang poetry new

Operating department of Jiangxi Province
Address: Nanchang Hongdu Middle Road, nuclear industry 260 factory                                Zip code:330002
phone:0791-88222823    13807008142         Contact:Wu Jimin

Operating department of Sichuan Province
Address: No. 125, No. 25, Renmin North Road, Chengdu               Zip code:610081
phone:028-83331336     13056680289         Contact:Tang poetry new

Operations Department of Chongqing Municipality
Address: No. 16, Kecheng Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, China                      Zip code:400039
phone:023-68858553     13648373012         Contact:Yuan Weijiang

Operating department of Yunnan Province
Address: Yunnan Province, Yunnan Dianchi Road 472, storage and transportation district C2 Building 1, Room 102, 1st Floor        Zip code:650228
phone:0871-64148229     13888915538         Contact:Zhou rongzhong

Operating department of Guizhou Province
Address: Guiyang City, South Road 140, Unit 3, No. 3-1 (Wu Yue Villa)             Zip code:550002
phone:0851-85762114     13985597747         Contact:Yuan Huawen

Operating department of Shandong Province
Address: No. 32, Yanzishan Road, Jinan City                                        Zip code:250011
phone:0531-86076279   15662430032        Contact:Qi Jin

Nanning City Department of operation
Address: No. 1, No. 14, General Administration of Radio and Television, No. 123, Qixing Road, Nanning City                       Zip code:530000
phone:0771-2826775     13517664326          Contact:Wu Yuanhua

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