Guilin Xinghua Detector Co., Ltd

     Guilin Xinghua Detector Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is specialized in the development of metal detectors high-tech enterprises, formerly known as Guilin Xinghua metal detector plant. Twenty-eight years of rapid development, the current metal detection technology reached the international advanced level, a number of technology by the national patent. In 1988, the company has built more than 8,000 square meters of scientific research and production base. At present, there are more than 10,000 square meters of standard factory buildings in Guilin National Hi-tech Development Zone, with more than 170 employees and 55 technical staff. Dr. Wang Ju, former engineer of the United States Professor of the University of California and director of the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Over the years my company to the community to provide a high-precision, large depth of the underground metal detectors, hand-held metal detectors and high-performance metal detection doors (security doors) to high-quality products and excellent service to win the trust of our customers The Companies adhere to the "product quality is the life of the enterprise" concept, all products will be implemented "two years of free warranty, life-long maintenance." Companies in the provinces and cities have twenty-six operating the Department, all-round to provide services to customers.

     The company established a sound quality management system, products strictly follow the national and international standards for the design, manufacture, testing, to ensure quality requirements.

     Products: TC-90, TC-91, TM89, TM88, TM99 (intelligent) underground metal detector TC98, TC100 hand-held metal detector XH1000, XH1000-P, XH1000-H metal detection door (security door) TC , TM series of underground metal detector with a large depth of detection, high resolution, full-featured, accurate positioning and so on. Guangxi Science and Technology Commission is entrusted to my company to undertake the science and technology projects, industrial products by the new flowers Award, scientific and technological progress awards and national patents. Products in addition to military use, but also widely used in security checks, detection of public security, scrap metal recycling, industrial raw materials testing, inspection of underground metal pipe lines to help people find buried metal artifacts. It is an indispensable tool for construction, tap water installation, for transformer inspection, archeology, prospecting, prospecting, exploration and other operations.

     XH series of metal detection gate with advanced technology, high sensitivity, good stability and other characteristics, the national patent. The company began in 1992 to develop metal detection gate and put on the market in 2000, the first in the country to develop the first multi-location metal detection gate, the current XH series of metal detection doors have reached the international advanced level. Products from the Ministry of Public Security and the police with the electronic product quality testing center qualified, issued a production registration approval and sales of the record card, widely used in a variety of security checks, metal security and other places to detect hidden metal objects, such as: Such as: airport, prison, court, detention center, drug addiction, entertainment, gymnasium, exhibition hall, museum, celebration, large-scale event, electronic enterprise, hardware business , Precious jewelry manufacturing enterprises.

     TC series of hand-held metal detectors are mainly used to check the body, the object is hidden metal objects, widely used in security occasions, wood processing plants, food processing plants and other occasions.

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